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NPGA 90-Day Priorities

August 17, 2017


NPGA 90-Day Priorities

We have heard from many members that you would like to know more about NPGA's priorities, the status of key advocacy objectives, and some information about what to expect going forward.  It's always our goal to be able to report success, but we also want to communicate the progress we're making and solicit your help where needed. Our members are our greatest strategic asset in Washington, DC. 

For the next 90 days, NPGA will be focused on Tax Reform, the Crane Rule, Natural Gas Expansion, and Winter Supply.  An overview, status, and outlook for each priority can be found on the 90-Day Criticals page of NPGA's website under the News & Media tab or by clicking here.  Please note, you will need your member login credentials. 

This is not a complete list of issues, just a snapshot of the ones at the top of our list for the next 90 days.  For example, we remain engaged in the Enbridge Line 5 proceedings.

Your company's accredited NPGA representative will also receive a mailing with this information.  


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