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Residential - Safe, Reliable, and Environmental. Propane is a trusted and reliable energy source that is used year round by more than 60 million Americans. »

Commercial / Industrial

Hotels, motels, restaurants, and hospitals use propane in the same way that a homeowner does - for heating, cooling, cooking, lighting, etc. Industrial sites rely on propane for space heating, soldering, cutting, vulcanizing, etc. »


Because of the convenience, portability, transportability, and environmental advantages of propane, over half of the farms in the United States use it for a wide range of applications. »

2018 Convention Photos

A great time of learning, socializing and relaxation was enjoyed for those attending the 2018 MPGA Convention in Destin, Florida. »



News and Events

NPGA 90-Day Priorities

NPGA 90-Day Priorities We have heard from many members that you would like to know more about NPGA's priorities, the status of key advocacy objectives, and some information about what to expect going forward. It's always our goal to be able to report success, but we also want to communicate the progress we're making and solicit your help where needed. Our members are our greatest strategic asset in Washington, DC.

Preparing for Winter 2017

We're working together to plan for Winter 2017/2018. Take a look at the videos below to find out what marketers can do, details about the current supply outlook, and what steps the industry is taking help marketers serve their customers.
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