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Forklift - Not a Cloud in the Warehouse


More than 500,000 forklifts are powered by propane in factories and warehouses. And it's no wonder. Propane-powered forklifts provide operational options and economic advantages that make them a clear choice for your material handling needs.


There are plenty of reasons for choosing propane forklifts and for converting existing gasoline forklifts to operate on propane. Propane forklifts maintain consistent, 100-percent power throughout operation and require very little refueling time compared to natural gas-powered and electric forklifts. They also have lower emission rates than gasoline or diesel models. With new closed-loop technology, propane is even cleaner and more efficient. So you can use propane safely indoors to help you meet OSHA standards. And you can work a lot harder when you don't have to hold your breath.

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