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Propane In the Kitchen


Instant on and off heat, absolute temperature control, and a more even heat are just a few of the reasons that 97 percent of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas. Whether your speciality is boiling noodles for your family or whipping up a seven course gourmet meal for a dinner party, you'll appreciate the benefits of cooking with propane.


In the oven or on the stove, propane will ensure that your food cooks evenly. You don't have to worry about part of your casserole burning while the other half is just right. And with absolute temperature control and instant on and off heat offered by propane-fueled cook tops, you can adjust from a boil to a simmer in seconds. Pilotless ignitions on propane stoves eliminate the need for a constant pilot light, saving you 40 percent overall in energy use. And maybe best of all, propane appliances are not affected by power outages, unlike electrical appliances.

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